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Ubersichtskarte von osterreich-Ungarn

Antique map Ubersichtskarte von osterreich-Ungarn
Ubersichtskarte von osterreich-Ungarn by A. Thomas, E. Umbreit

Details of map Ubersichtskarte von osterreich-Ungarn

TitleUbersichtskarte von osterreich-Ungarn
makerA. Thomas, E. Umbreit
Published in1896
Imagesize46 X 38 centimeters
Description Map of the area of Austria, Galicia, Serbia, Montenegro. The scale is: 1: 3000.000. There is an inset map of Vienna in scale 1: 250,000
The map comes from Andrees Hand Atlas
The map has a very light water dash at the centerfold, and a spot in the top right corner.
CountriesAustria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia

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