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Antique maps of Ireland

Antique maps of Ireland
last update: Oct-25-2021
Maps of Ireland on
thmbnail of Grootbrittanië en IerlandGrootbrittanië en Ierland
by Winkler Prins
190821.5 X 28 cm21 euro
thmbnail of IerlandIerland
by Kuyper (Kuijper)
188010 X 15 cm23 euro
thmbnail of übersichtskarte von Grossbritanien und Irlandübersichtskarte von Grossbritanien und Irland
by Richard Andree
189637 X 48 cm23 euro
thmbnail of Waterwegen in Grootbrittanië en IerlandWaterwegen in Grootbrittanië en Ierland
by Winkler Prins
190821.5 X 28 cm26 euro
thmbnail of Groot-Brittanje en IerlandGroot-Brittanje en Ierland
by A. Baedeker, Rotterdam
184426,5 X 20,5 cm32 euro
thmbnail of Groot-Brittanie en IerlandGroot-Brittanie en Ierland
by P.W.M. Trap
187223 X 28,5 cm42 euro
thmbnail of Groot Brittanje en IerlandGroot Brittanje en Ierland
by F. Bruins
188422 X 28 cm42 euro
thmbnail of Iles BritanniquesIles Britanniques
by FĂ©lix Delamarche
183236 X28 cm cm63 euro
thmbnail of Insularum BritannicarumInsularum Britannicarum
by Abraham Ortelius, J. Jansonius, Petrus Kaerius
170051 X 39 cm285 euro
thmbnail of REPRODUCTION: Anglia, Scotia et HiberniaREPRODUCTION: Anglia, Scotia et Hibernia
by Gerard Mercator
159540 X 32 cmsold
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thmbnail of IrlandIrland
by Richard Andree
189625 X 38 cmsold
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thmbnail of Iles BritanniquesIles Britanniques
by Migeon, Sengteller, Desbuissons
188128.5 X 40 cmsold
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thmbnail of Nova Totius Angliae, Scotiae, Et HiberniaeNova Totius Angliae, Scotiae, Et Hiberniae
by Wit, Frederik de
167056 X 48 cmsold
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Maps of regions in Ireland on

A Map of Great britain and Ireland
by John Blair
170056 X 41.5 cm125 euro
Insulae Britannicae Antiquae ex collatione
by Weigel, Christoph (Witwe)
172039 X 32 cmsold

Plans of cities in Ireland on

On the Dargle
by Benjamin Fawcett, naar A.F. Lydon
187916 X 11 cm21 euro

Dromana, the Seat of Lord Grandison, on the River Blackwater
by W. Walker, naar P. Sandby, R.A.
177819 X 14,5 cm26 euro
16 plans: Bellfast (Belfast), Dublin, Limerick, Corke, Gallw
Drogheda, with the battle at the Boyne and 15 others
by nn
1750ca49 X 39 cmsold
by nn
1840ca16 X 12 cm21 euro
Pont de Clifden
by O. de Champeaux, A. Kohl
188916,5 X 9 cm16 euro
Plein te Cork waar de bewoners kijken naar de duizenden spreeuwen in de lucht,
by Jan Luyken
169815,5 X 11,5 cm47 euro
7 items
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Giants Causeway:
2 items
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by F. Meaulle naar O. de Champeuax
188917 X 13 cm16 euro
Queenstown harbour, co. Cork
by W.H. Bartlett, J.P. Heath
1840ca16 X 10,5 cm32 euro
City of Waterford, from the Dunmore Road
by W.H. Bartlett, W. Taylor
1840ca16 X 10,5 cm32 euro

Provincie Limburg

Kuyper maps
Gemeente Nieuwkoop

Ioncker Steven Blanckaert

Townplans and views
Heusden: Grond-tekening der Stad Heusden

Books and atlasses
Meyers Neuer Handatlas

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