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Detail information
name:Baudartius, Willem
also known as:Willem Baudaert, Willem Baudart, Guiljelmus Baudarius, Willem Baudartius
domesticDeinze (Belgium), Zutphen (Netherlands)
lived in1565-1640
Born to Protestant parents in Flanders and a fervent counter-remonstrant, Baudartius left the Netherlands on the arrival of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo and landed in England at Sandwich. He studied at Canterbury as well as on the continent at Ghent, Leiden, Franeker in Heidelberg. He served as a preacher at Kampen (1593), Lisse (1596) and Zutphen. Highly knowledgeable in Hebrew, he was asked to take part in the Statenvertaling translation of the Bible. He also wrote a collection of spells (Apophthegmata Christiana, ofte gedenckweerdige, leerzame en aerdige spreucken... (1605, 1620) and a pamphlet opposing the Twelve Years' Truce (Morghen-Wecker der vrye Nederlantsche provintien (1610). In 1622, his "Polemographia Auraico Belgica" was published by Michael Colinius in Amsterdam. This wokr was about the Dutch Revolt (1568-1648) with illustrations of the battles in numerous cities.Most of the prints are scaled copies of prints by Frans Hogenberg.

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