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Cartographers database: Weigel, Christoph (Witwe), publisher, book/mapseller (after her husband's death 1725)
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Detail information
name:Weigel, Christoph (Witwe)
also known as:
lived in?-1748
job:publisher, book/mapseller (after her husband's death 1725)

Examples of the work (maps) of:
Weigel, Christoph (Witwe)
landBrittaniae Romanae1720
Insulae Britannicae Antiquae ex collatione1720
Vindelicia Rheti1720
Gallia Belgica1720
landAsia Peninsula sive Asia Intra Taurum1720
landAsia Peninsula sive Asia Intra Taurum 1720
landArmenia Utraque1720
landGermania Ptolemaei1720
landMesopotamie Assyriae et Babylonie tabula1720
landAsia intra Maeotim Pontum et mare Caspium1720

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