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one of the most attractive worldmaps is this double hemisphere worldmap by frederik de witworldmap, map of continents and countries


On you van find the original map, plan, view or print from the 16th to 20st century.
Ther is also a reproduction corner for afordable gifts and gadgets on maps.


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The Netherlands
Drenthe, Friesland
Noord Brabant
Utrecht, Zeeland

Last update (2014-06-29):
Made by Jacob Kuyper in: 1867
The size of the image is 29 X 20 cm
It is for sale for 70 euros

Are you looking for information about a cartographer, engraver or publisher?
Then have a look at our cartographersdatabase which has more than thousand records now.

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Maps of the Netherlands

map of the ancient low countries bij janssonius from the horniue atlas form 1700
Low countries, provinces and regions

Townplans and views

A map of Orsoy by the famous publisher Blaeu
From places all over the world

Kuyper maps

The kuyperkaart is a tipical dutch map of the most important geographer of the 19th century Jacob Kuyper
1200 very detailed maps from every spot in The Netherlands (dating 1865-1870)

Reproduction corner

plan of the city of amsterdam plan of the region of groningen
We sell reproducions of antique maps.

Nice to have, nice to give.

Dutch plans and views

we also have views of castles, houses and fortresses nice plan by guiccardini of the city of groningen
of most of the towns

Antique prints

prints of vessels, cars, plants, animals
Botanic, animals, ships, weapons, persons, clothing, religion and others
Many before you bought a nice map, plan or view form their place of study, country or holliday. We try as hard as we can to provide you with a nice gift or historical object in a good quality. All items will be packed secure and of course we can frame the items for you. We hav maps and plans from Kuyper, Guillaume Blaeu, Frederik de Wit, Posthuma, Mercator, Hondius, Jonssonius, Ortelius and many others.
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